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The Swing Bed Program is a Medicare program designed to serve those persons who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery and no longer require acute inpatient services, but whose needs may not be met in a home setting.

  • The Swing Bed Program provides an alternative to sending patients to a long-term care facility, such as an inpatient rehabilitation center.
  • Patients receive nursing care with an emphasis on rehabilitation potential and the patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living.
  • To meet the Medicare criteria for Swing Bed services the patient must have been an inpatient at any acute-care hospital for three (3) days within the previous thirty days. For example, you could have been hospitalized in Alachua County and would still meet criteria.
  • Our local physicians/clinicians will be happy to work with your primary physician, regardless of the location, in order to provide you with the best care possible.
  • Scope of services available in the Swing Bed Program include: skilled nursing care, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, social services, mental health services, referral and discharge planning, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.
  • Medicare covers Swing Bed services for a specific length of stay. Some other insurance may cover these services, but prior authorization is necessary.

For more information on the Swing Bed Program, please call (386) 496-2323 ext. 9239 or 0 for the operator.
Types of Patients that are candidates for Swing Bed services are:

  • Patients with recent joint replacements or hip pinning who need daily physical therapy.
  • Stroke patients who do not qualify for admission to an inpatient rehabilitation center, but could improve their level of capability and function with continued daily therapy.
  • Cardiac patients needing skilled activity programs following a heart attack or acute episode of congestive heart failure.
  • Patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer or immune deficiency diseases. 

Skilled Services Include:

  • IV antibiotics
  • Tube feedings and nutritional stabilization. 
  • Application of dressings that may involve prescriptions, medication and aseptic techniques.
  • Wound care
  • Terminal care for patients needing pain control or skilled supportive care.
  • Patient education for insulin administration, testing blood sugars, and diet management.
  • Instructions in ostomy or stoma care.


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